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20 April 2020The Queen of instruments - the lute within Old Master painting
16 March 2020William James Neatby - a master of fin de siecle art and design in Britain
17 February 2020The Rothschilds of the East - the remarkable collection of Isaac and Moise de Camondo
20 January 2020Treasures of the Livery Company Halls
18 November 2019The inventors of Christmas
21 October 2019James Tissot: master of fashion and frisson
16 September 2019Sorolla, the Spanish Sargent
17 June 2019Foujita: the Japanese Frenchman who loved women and cats
20 May 2019The Great impresario Giorgio Vasari
15 April 2019Edwardian elegance: art, high society and fashion
18 March 2019The music and life of J.S.Bach
18 February 2019The Punch and Judy Show: a subversive symbol from commedia dell'arte to the present day
21 January 2019Bottoms Up: a history of wine, its rituals and its vessels
19 November 2018Berthe Morisot: Impressionism's First Lady
15 October 2018Bernini and Baroque Rome
17 September 2018Good as gold; a Golden Anniversary talk
18 June 2018Music on the Grand Tour
21 May 2018Paint Brushes at Dawn
16 April 2018Surviving Opera
19 March 2018The making of landscape photographs
19 February 2018Rodin and Claudel lovers of stone
15 January 2018Mughals and Rajputs, courts and Palaces of India
20 November 2017Edward Seago, landscape perfectionist and royal favourite
22 October 2017Revolution: New Art for a new World
16 October 2017Raoul Dufy,cradled by music and the sea
18 September 2017Wish you were here; the seaside holiday in art
19 June 2017Wedding Presents of the Italian Renaissance
15 May 2017The History of the Royal Academy: people, places and pictures
24 April 2017The Changing Face of London. A painted documentary
20 March 2017Adventures and misadventures in museums
20 February 2017Edgar Degas. Pioneer or Impressionist
16 January 2017Joshua Reynolds,prince of portrait painters
21 November 2016Three Baltic Capitals Vilnius, Riga and Tallin
17 October 2016Haydn The complete master
19 September 2016William Kent: artist, architect and garden designer
20 June 2016Gainsborough in Bath: high society and the Bath season
16 May 2016Vivaldi in Venice
18 April 2016Desert Island Portraits
21 March 2016‘Not tonight Josephine’
15 February 2016The Cinque Ports of Kent and Sussex - Our ports of stranded pride
18 January 2016W.W.I Artists and Poets
08 December 2015Xmas Lunch Cooden Beach Hotel
16 November 2015The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
02 November 2015Special Lecture
19 October 2015The Great Fire of London
21 September 201515th Century Artists of Bruges, Banks, Burgundy and Piracy
15 June 2015Gustave Caillebotte: Impressionist, Gardener and Sailor
18 May 2015Oxford Brothers: William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones
20 April 2015The Miseroni Family, Lapidary artists of Milan and Prague.
23 March 2015Day of Special Interest
16 March 2015Sansovino'sArchitecture and Quintessentil Venice
16 February 2015Chinoiserie in England in the 18th Century
19 January 2015Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English churches
09 December 2014Bodiam Castle: Its history
17 November 2014The Art of Snow and Ice
20 October 2014London's Country Houses
15 September 2014Verdi's La Traviata A Very Italian Affair
16 June 2014Our AGM will be held at 2.00pm at the Arthur Eas Followed by our monthly lecture: Leipzig Architecture, Art and Music J.S.Bach, Mendelsohn and Gewandhaus
19 May 2014Posters of the Belle Epoque: The Great Age of the Poster
28 April 2014The Baroque Life Style (Architecture, Dress and Court Life)
17 March 2014Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: The Representation of the Working Class in Art
10 March 2014Day of Special Interest Marauders and Missionaries, Monsters and Marvels and Monks
17 February 2014And so to Vauxhall: Music and Culture at the Celebrated Gardens
20 January 2014From Flea-Pitt to Picture Palace
03 December 2013Raking Through Old London
18 November 2013The Ox and the ASS Silent Watchers at the Crib
21 October 2013An introduction to the Art of Photography
16 September 2013Posters of the Belle Epoque: The Great Age of the Poster
17 June 2013Tulipomania: The tulip, a decorative flower on European and Asian Ceramics
20 May 2013Sir Edwin Lutyens
15 April 2013Like Mother, Like Son : the Lives and Art of Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo
18 March 2013Canals, Carnival and Courtesans: Art in 18th Century Venice

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The Queen of instruments - the lute within Old Master painting Adam Busiakiewicz Monday 20 April 2020

The lute holds a special place in the history of art: painters of the Italian Renaissance depicted golden haired angels plucking its strings. In the 16th century it became the accoutrment of educated courtiers (Holbein, Titian) and in the 17th century it continued to play a key role in emphasising the intimate, debauched and transient pleasures of interior scenes (Jan Steen, Frans Hals) There will be several pieces performed as part of the lecture.